Small, But Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas

Gift Present in Hands

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Expressing your love and gratitude with a gift doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money. Such feelings aren’t measured in bucks, but the thought you put into finding the right gifts. Interestingly, when most people think of meaningful gifts, they don’t usually think of anything expensive or luxurious, but rather something that can truly show how much attention you actually pay to your loved ones. And, on most occasions, these meaningful gifts prove to be really affordable. So, if you’re looking to surprise someone with a gift that holds all your feelings of love and gratitude without spending an arm and a leg, check out the following suggestions.

Good old bookFlying Books Girl Bed

If you’re getting a gift for a book lover who even has their own reading nook, obviously, a book seems like a perfect choice. Most people miss the feeling and smell of the books in this technologically-advanced society. Therefore, get them a book that may be their favorite or genre that they enjoy the most. You can actually bind it yourself with some unique DIY and add a truly beautiful inscription.

DIY craftsZen Rocks Peace

There’s nothing more meaningful than gifting someone with a piece of your own self. You can achieve this with the help of your crafty and artistic hands. If you’re good with a brush, you can paint or draw a portrait of the person you’re giving it to in a way that would properly show how lovely and gorgeous they appear in your eyes. On the other hand, if they have specific tastes, you can knit them a hat or a scarf, or make a small terrarium Zen garden just for them.

Meaningful postersHanger Sigh I Fell in Love Here

The person you’re buying a gift for definitely has something in the popular culture that they’re really into. It might be a TV show, movie series, music band, anime, comic, or a computer game. With the power of the Internet, you can find the most beautiful pictures featuring something of their particular interest and have it made into a poster. Such effective wall décor will positively make them happy and touched.

Mug Cup Coffee Hot Chocolate TreesPersonalized gifts

There are many ways that you can show your appreciation to someone, but when it comes to gifts, one sure way is to actually take the time to make personalized keepsakes. A scrapbook, photo calendar, customized coffee mug, etc. all can serve as a great canvas for you to add photos and quotes that best show your joint experiences, and a deeper meaning behind your relationship.

Homemade foods and drinksBoxed Chocolate Candy

Getting a present for a true gourmet shouldn’t be difficult around Christmastime, but if you want to spice it up with an extra dose of meaningfulness, why not make their gift yourself? Of course, be realistic about your own cooking skills. But if you know your way around a kitchen, gifting them with a bottle of mulled wine with filled rich aroma and taste or homemade cookies, chocolate, or cake might be a really good idea.

Matching Holiday Christmas OnesiesMatching goods

Opting for this gift idea depends on the type of relationship you have with the person you’re giving the present to, but it can be adjusted in many different ways. For example, matching custom silicone wristbands with a meaningful message can only deepen your relationship. Matching hats, scarves, sweaters, rings, socks, and anything else that you can think of holds important meaning for the two of you when matchy-matchy can truly bring more joy and happiness for many days to come. Maybe the best matchy thing this season is the matching onesies– super fun and extremely cute.

Do you have your own unique gift ideas that fit into the small, but meaningful theme?

All in all, don’t be reluctant to consult your own feelings and bonds that you share with someone. That way you’ll only find it easier, more fulfilling, and enjoyable to search for – or make – something that will connect the two of you on an even deeper level.

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