Last Minute Tricks for Summer Weight Loss

Last minute tricks for Summer weight loss

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Summer is almost here, and it seems like a perfectly good moment to begin panicking over those layers of fat and excess weight we collected during the winter and spring. Now, we have heard plenty of talk about miracle diets and efficient workout programs, but is it really possible to get your body in top shape for this summer on time? Many people will answer “No way” and convince you that only prolonged hard work and disciplined diet will get you there, but this is similar to when someone says: “You cannot prepare for an exam a day before” – sure you can. Of course, it is better to work on your body consistently, but when there is no time to waste, you need to turn to these weight loss tricks.

Drop the CarbsBread Baguettes Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are often considered as the ‘bad guys’ of a healthy nutrition. Although that is only half the truth, and these nutrients are very necessary for a healthy and balanced diet, when you want to lose weight fast, the safest way to go is ditching the carbs for some time. It is enough to avoid this nutrient for a week or two to get rid of the excess weight. So, avoid bread, pasta, sugary foods, etc. and base your diet on vegetables, protein and fat (fish, meat, eggs, nuts, fruits, seeds, etc.).


Drink Lots of WaterWater Cup H2O

Although this seems like a counterproductive move, especially when you think about how water can make your stomach balloon up, drinking a lot of water can flush the sodium out of your system and stop the body from retaining even more water. When you need to get ready for a specific event, it is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day, two days before the occasion, and then scaling back to six cups on the big day.


Exercise Every DayJogging Exercise

When you need to lose weight fast, there are no half-measures. The time of moderate exercising is way past and you need to sweat the pounds out, real fast. You will do that by exercising every day and making every moment count. Your best chance is in high-intensity, short sessions that combine cardio, strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance.


Eat High-Quality FoodHealthy Salad

Choosing high-quality food should be a no-brainer, since it is not only good for your skinny body, but also for your healthy organism. Always go for nutrient dense foods, like dark greens, and make sure you opt for organic produce. Also include free-range poultry and grass-fed beef into your diet.


Boost Your L-CarnitineAvocado

L-carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced in your organism. The substance helps your body turn fat into energy. It is also thought to be useful in increasing muscle mass while decreasing fat and helping people fight fatigue. Usually, people have enough carnitine in their bodies, but if you want to boost this precious amino acid, you can consume food rich with it (asparagus, avocado, whole grain, lean protein, etc.) or take supplements. A good choice of supplements is essential, so select a trustworthy Herbs of Gold Acetyl L-carnitine or some other tested company’s product.

Eat the Amount You Need

… instead of eating the amount you want. We all like to enjoy a gourmet meal every now and then, but if you want to slim down really fast, you must forget about large portions or second-helpings. Instead, fuel your body with the exact amount it needs in order to function properly and remain energized. This means that you should avoid harmful foods and beverages and eat fiber-rich vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. A trick that will help you make your portion look fuller is to use smaller plates for serving the meals.

Start preparing your body today, since there is no more time to lose and soon enough you will be ready to don that sexy bikini on the beach.


How are you whipping your body into shape for summer?  Comment below and share your best tips with us.

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    After your workout, you eat a healthy protein breakfast. This allows your body the materials it needs to rebuild muscle broken down in your workout.
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