70 Things I Love about My Work at Home (WAHM) Life– Part 4/7

I Love My WAHM Life

Hello, all! I’m back with another installment of my blog series that covers what I love about being a Work At Home Mom. Let’s just say it’s been AWHILE!

Are you impressed with all the many reasons I’ve provided so far? If you’ve missed the first 3 parts in this series, you can get caught up here. Now let’s get moving on to our next 10 on the list.

70 Things I Love about My Work at Home (WAHM) Life #’s 31-40


31. I can choose my clients/ who I work with—Have you ever liked a job, but disliked your boss or co-worker enough to cause you to leave? That’s what great about working for yourself—you get to choose who you work with. Just like clients will screen me to determine an appropriate fit, I am doing the same. Although I have never done it (I’ve been so lucky with my clients!), you have the option to discontinue the work arrangement if problems arise.

32. I can work on what I am passionate about and interested in—Often people take jobs simply because they need the money, even if it is not something they like. Why do you think so many people end up working in a field that differs from their college degree? When you work for yourself, you decide what you want to do. You officially have the freedom to pursue what suits you.

33. I have a simplified schedule—I do not like to deal in the complicated. I like life to be as simple as possible, and that includes my daily schedule. When life gets too complicated or busy, I become fretted and unfocused. Working from home allows me to set my own schedule and eliminate complications and distractions as much as possible. This allows me to function effectively and focus on my work.

34. I can work at times that work for me—I am a morning person. I have never had any interest in working 2rd or 3rd shift. Being self-employed allows me to work at the times when I am the most fresh, focused, and creative. Sometimes I like to work at times when others are not—the occasional evening or weekend, for example. I can work when I feel up to it and forgive myself for those times that I am simply not feeling motivated or productive.

35. I can keep up with emails—If you are anything like me, an inbox full of new emails can leave you feeling panicky in a hurry. I hate to be gone for even a few hours and come back to dozens of new messages. Thankfully, because I am normally in front of a computer screen most of the day, this rarely happens. I utilize email as both a communication and organizational tool, so keeping up with my inbox allows me to feel calm and in control.

36. I can still work when I am sick or my kids are sick—Sickness can really put a wrench in your workday. Whether you have come down with the latest cold or flu or whatever your kids have, it would normally mean a day of work lost (sometimes longer!). Working from home means I can work a little if I feel up to it (without spreading germs) or take the day off entirely. If my kids are sick, no need for me to let a work day go to waste. I can take care of them and get my work done at the same time.

37. I can change my schedule as needed—This week I spent every day at home doing my work—no doctor’s appointments, no school field trips, no meetings, etc. Next week, I have an orthodontist appointment, doctor’s appointment, and school field trip planned. Being self-employed allows me to alter my schedule as needed, and it can vary from week to week. This flexibility provides me with the opportunity to keep my work and home life in balance and on track.

38. I can get snacks throughout the work day—Not that I do this very much, but if I get thirsty or hungry, I have easy access to snacks in the kitchen. For many, this is too much of a temptation, but this helps me to keep my energy up.

39. I can eat at my desk—Lunchtime is often spent at my desk, catching up on personal emails, household finances, and entering my kids’ school time. Multi-tasking during this break time allows me to stay on top of my personal duties during my work day.

40. I can have my home and work responsibilities done for the day by 5 PM—For those who work outside the home, the work may just begin when they get home from work. Since I have no commute and am able to handle basic home tasks throughout the day, I am able to relax during the evenings. It’s an easy and seamless transition from work life to home life.

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