70 Things I Love about My Work at Home (WAHM) Life– Part 2/7

I Love My WAHM Life

I recently kicked off my new blog series, and now I’m ready to move onto the next part. Missed the first part? Get caught up here. Without further ado, here’s the next 10 things I love about being a WAHM.

70 Things I Love about My Work at Home (WAHM) Life #’s 11-20


11. I can have dinner ready in the evenings—It’s not uncommon for people who work all day to have no groceries in the house and no idea what to serve. They may resort to fast food in the absence of a plan. Working at home allows me to ensure I have groceries in the kitchen and food on the table for dinner. I often use the Crockpot to get dinner started while I am still working.

12. I can eat better—Eating on the run can mean a lot of junk food or skipped meals. Working from home allows me to eat a decent breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

13. I can work in spurts—Working full-time has never worked for me. 8+ hours of anything is much too long! I love being able to work in spurts, often spending a chunk of time on one project and then moving on to another. It simply works better for my personal work style.

14. I can take bathroom breaks—This seems like a funny one—that is, until you work in positions where someone has to replace you or you have to ask permission to take a bathroom break.  I have worked in those positions, and I quite enjoy having the freedom to take those breaks as needed. Plus the stalls are never full. 😉

15. I can get sun—No, I do not spend my days working outside or sitting on the beach. But I do have Seasonal Affective Disorder, so having access to natural sunlight even through windows is vital to improving my energy, mental state, and productivity.  If I need to take a sun break or to go for a drive, I can do that.

16. No fluorescent lights—I ABHOR fluorescent lighting!  It is so unnatural for your eyes, makes it hard for me to see, and gives me headaches. Working in my own home means I control the lighting source, and consequently fluorescents are never allowed!

17. Limited interaction with others—I am an introvert by nature, so interaction with others, especially in higher volume, can make me feel distracted, overwhelmed, and discombobulated. I also excel at being an independent worker. Self-employment has allowed me to minimize my daily interaction with others, resulting in less drama, clearer thinking, and increased productivity.

18. I can interact with others in the ways that I choose—The problem with working for someone else in a setting other than your home is that freedom of choice goes out the window. My preferred method of contact is almost always written, and I have numerous reasons for that. Working at home allows me to interact with others primarily through written communication, including email, blog posts, and social media. This actually improves my relationships with others who I come into contact with. Because writing is my strong suit, I am able to capitalize on my talents and adequately express myself.

19. I’m not judged by appearance—I have a problem with the fact that interviews, whether in-person or via webcam, are used primarily to determine if they like the way that you look. This can include not only your looks, but how you dress, your facial expressions, and even your body language. The fact that I have been able to use this to my advantage in the past does not make me agree with this form of judgment. I love being able to get new clients without being judged about what clothes that I am wearing or how my hair is styled.

20. No travel required—I have never been interested in traveling for work.  I have a family, so it is hard to get away to go to the store, much less to take a trip. Plus I do not fly. I once turned down a high-paying position after finding out I would have to attend trade shows for a total of 2 months per year. Working for myself eliminates the need to travel, even locally, unless I decide I want to.

Know someone who’s considering a work-at-home career or who is already a WAHM? Be sure to share this post with them and look for future installments in this fun and informative blog series! :)

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