5 Ideas for Simple and Money-Saving DIY Holiday Gifts

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I’m sharing some fuss-free ways to apply creativity when it comes to DIY holiday gifts.

I’m all about keeping it simple. Sometimes the concept of getting creative for the holidays seems like more trouble than it’s worth.

But sometimes it’s nice to provide a personal touch by making creative gifts for the holidays– as long as they’re not too complicated or time-consuming, right? 😉

I recently put together 5 types of holiday gifts that are both easy to make and easy on your budget. In the spirit of simplicity, all of the ideas are either holiday gifts that I have made or that seem easy enough that I would attempt them:

FreeShipping.com Blog– 5 Easy and Economical DIY Holiday Gifts

What creative gifts do you like to make and give at the holidays? What ideas would you add to my list of simple and money-saving DIY gift options?

Need more gift ideas that won’t break the bank? Check out my previous post Inexpensive, Easy, and Personalized Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea.

Make sure to share this blog post with your friends that love to get crafty and creative at this time of the year! :)

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