Create a Quick, Easy, and Inexpensive Room Makeover with GE reveal® Light Bulbs

Disclaimer: I did not receive any monetary compensation in exchange for writing this post. I did receive complimentary light bulbs to review, along with some information on promotions that I was permitted to share with my readers. All opinions expressed are my own.


Here’s a bright idea for providing your home with a fresh glow…

Holiday Makeover in a Hurry

The holidays are coming. Are you interested in creating a quick and easy room makeover without spending a fortune? Did you know that it could be as easy as changing a light bulb?!

Recently I shared some special discounts on GE LED reveal® light bulbs. I also promised to test out the light bulbs to see the results in action.

A Quick Comparison

GE reveal® light bulbs are known for the clean, beautiful light® that they give off. I was interested to see if I would notice a difference between the typical CFL light bulbs that I use and GE reveal® light bulbs.

Both light bulbs provide soft, warm light. However, the CFL that I normally use has 900 lumens of brightness, while GE reveal® light bulbs offer only 790 lumens.

Lack of Light in My Living Room

We recently moved and our living room does not have any light source. How that is possible in a house that is 55 years old, I do not know…

Table Lamp

This lamp in our living room is our only light source.

I bought a lamp on clearance for my living room. I like it okay and got it at a decent price.

The only thing that I do not like is that the light that the lamp gives off is rather yellow due to the cream-colored shade. Since this is our only source of light in the living room every evening, brightness is important, especially as the days get shorter and darker. Our lamp must provide ample light for us to read a magazine or see the buttons on the TV remote.

Putting GE reveal® Light Bulbs to the Test

I took 2 photos of the corner of our living room that features the lamp. The first one features our typical CFL light bulb. The second one features the GE reveal® 75W halogen light bulb. Let’s do the comparison and see what you think:

Before After GE reveal® Light bulbs

Before and After GE reveal® Light bulbs

The Great Reveal Reveals Noticeable Results

I think the results speak for themselves. The GE reveal® light bulb provides crisper and cleaner light that better illuminates the dark corner of our living room. The light is more true to natural light and the results more pleasing to the eye.

You’ve seen the results in action. Here are a few more facts about GE reveal® light bulbs:

  • Long-life
  • Up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Dimmable functionality
  • Instant brightness


Create Your Own Quick and Easy Room Makeover

If you are looking for a big change with minimal fuss and expense this holiday season , consider GE reveal® light bulbs.

GE is proud to continue its long tradition of innovation in lighting and hopes you enjoy your new lighting experience with the clean, beautiful light of GE reveal® bulbs. For more information, please visit GE reveal®.

Which room needs a makeover in your house? How can GE reveal® light bulbs improve the function and beauty of your home?

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