Develop a Working Knowledge of Finances during April’s Financial Literacy Month


We are nearing the close of April’s Financial Literacy Month. However, when it comes to financial sense, the learning should never end.

Do you know the difference between knowledge and working knowledge? Knowledge is when you have a familiarity or acquaintance with a topic– it is a matter of mind.  A working knowledge means that you know enough about a subject to put it into practice and apply it– it is a matter of action. That is why some job listings will specifically ask for working knowledge in a particular skill.  They want someone who actually knows about it and can perform the task proficiently using that knowledge.

When I think of the term “financial literacy,” to me it means a working knowledge about financial matters, how they affect your life, and the ability to master the concepts to achieve fiscal success. During Financial Literacy Month and beyond, that is what we should strive for– never stop learning, growing, and improving.

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What financial topic would you like to develop an increased working knowledge in? Please comment below and share.

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