Get a FREE Sample of Vectra Flea and Tick Control and Help Shelter Pets in the Process

Here’s a freebie that also helps a good cause. Vectra is a newer flea and tick control product for your pet. It is only available from veterinarians.

The makers of Vectra have committed to providing up to 20,000 FREE doses of flea and tick control to shelters in need. For every free sample requested by a pet owner at, Vectra will supply a dose to a Rachael’s Rescue-approved (i.e., Rachael Ray) animal shelter.

You can choose whether you want a coupon for Vectra 3D (controls 6 carriers of disease), Vectra Cat & Kitten, or Vectra Dog & Puppy.

Make sure to pass this post along to other pet lovers so that they can get a free sample and help shelter pets in the process.  I just printed out my coupon for when I visit the vet in a couple of weeks.

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35 Responses to Get a FREE Sample of Vectra Flea and Tick Control and Help Shelter Pets in the Process

  1. Joanne cooper says:

    I just want to c wot treatment works best before purchasing any

  2. Rey McGuire says:

    I’ve been trying to get the fleas off of my dog for weeks now after bringing him inside for the winter. I’m giving him a bath at least once a week and I’m scared it’s drying out his skin. He seems to be itching immediately after he’s dried off from the bath. But even with the drops I’m buying out of the store, he’s still getting his fleas back within the next twenty four hours. I want to find something that’s actually going to work!! His itching is making me itch!!

    • JLLopez1006 says:


      So sorry to hear about your dog’s flea troubles. Do you live in a warm environment?

      We have had to clean fleas off strays that we have gotten and normally the bath works pretty good, especially if you leave it on for a few minutes every time. You are right in saying it could be drying out his skin, especially in winter.

      If the flea/tick preventative is not working, it definitely sounds like you need to try something new. I am currently using Sentry Natural Defense if you are looking for a more natural option. Otherwise I use BioSpot Defense, which was recommended to me by a trainer/Petsmart employee as a lower cost alternative to K9 Advantix that we used to buy (very expensive). The BioSpot tubes give you quite a bit of liquid (and has a cool reusable applicator), so if you have a bigger dog, it should cover. I can use it on at least 2 of my smaller dogs.

      That being said, my dogs have never gotten fleas even when exposed in the house to strays with fleas, but one dog has gotten ticks on 2 separate occasions.

      Best of luck getting rid of those fleas!

      Happy Holidays!


  3. I’m a pet owner with a cat. The over the counter methods just don’t work. I’d love to try your new product.

    • JLLopez1006 says:


      Thanks for writing.

      Sorry to hear that OTC flea/tick hasn’t worked for you. Hopefully this one works better.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  4. cody romero says:

    I would like to try out these products before hand, seems like a very good alternative to simple walmart or kroger brands.

  5. Would really love to try this out.

  6. gemma young says:

    i would like to try this as im a cat breeder and need good products xx thanks :)

  7. candice burroughs says:

    I’d like to try this please.

  8. Lisa says:


    I’d like to try this product for my cat as I’ve found a few of the over the counter products
    Don’t seem to work for flea treatment


  9. I’m really wanted to try this product. I’m looking for the best flea prevention I can find.

  10. Sharyn Vera says:

    I am in dire need of free flea meds. I am a single senior disabled(2 Tia’s)mother of a disabled adult daughter(paralyzed in 1st of 4 spinal surgeries in 2002). She can now walk, not properly, from years of PT, she is in constant searing pain. We moved to Florida last year from Cal. with her 12lb. service dog who never had fleas. Now I can’t get rid of them. We are living on her SS and food stamps. In Cal. I got paid to take care of her, here there is no such program. My daughter is being eaten alive. please help!

  11. Susan SharifPour says:

    just rescued 2 kittens, both from the same litter, so they’re sisters; how fun is it to have kittens around the house? we also have 2 grown strays as well as the sole remaining grown cat of our original group. just for clarity that’s creamy, trisha, agent orange, and AJ, respectively. as a result the quest for flea protection which first and foremost is effective is ongoing. to find an effective product which is also priced within reason (considering the number of doses, per month) is like finding an oil well in the backyard. the only question left, from me, is: how do I get my hands on the offer you’re presenting? for now i’m purchasing a 6 pak for the kittens and 2 3 paks for cats. lemmeno how and/or what i’m to do next, ok? last but definitely not least: thank you for making the chance to help others as we help ourselves available to us…strength in numbers is the key concept here!

  12. Linda Kauffman says:

    How do I get a free sample of Vectra 3D flea control for my Dog & cats

  13. How can I get a free sample of Vectra 3D flea control for my Dog & Cats

  14. Carl says:

    How can I get a free sample of Vectra 3D flea control for my dog?

  15. Edmona Smith says:

    I would like to receive the free sample of Vectra for Cats 9lbs. and over. Thank You

  16. Alicia says:

    Hi I would like to receive the free sample of vectra for dogs.please and thank you

  17. Suanne Lang says:

    Hello there!
    I would like to try a free sample of vectra for dogs… Ive tried everything i could think of so i was doing some research and was looking at your product and would love to see if this would help my little guy! Thank you in advance

  18. Megan says:

    I would love to receive this!! (:

  19. I am looking for a free simply to try for my dog she is a Pomeranian she is around 11 lbs.

  20. I’ve been using your product on my kitty. I have changed her diet as recommended by the sales associate at the feed store. I have not seen any improvement.

  21. Brittany says:

    I would like to try ur product. So I can get rid of my dogs fleas I have tried a lot of home remedy’s and nothing worked.

  22. Brittany says:

    I’d like to see if ur flea medication is good for my dog.

  23. Emmettwoffordjr says:

    My dog lives inside but likes to go out for a few hrs daily .but he comes back inside covered in fleas.i bathe him every weekend but they ALWAYS come back.tried lots of things.need something new

  24. LEANNE GIBBONS says:

    I just want to try your dog flee stuff out because all the other ones that I have tried are know good

  25. chanelle mills says:

    I live in spain and work at an animal shelter where I run the cattery. We take in alot of ferrels along with poor cats and kittens that get abandoned when their owners move country. Atm we have a alot of kittens being dumped at our gates which has resulted in most of the poor cats and kittens getting fleas. We are charity based and we have cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, goats, horses, pigs, chickens and birds. So you can just imagine now stuck with money we are for all of the medications, foods, jabs and operations when an animal is ill. Does anyone have any advice as to where we could get any help or get any donations to help us keeps theses beautiful animals healthy. My email is if anyone has any advice or would kindly like to donate. Thankyou

  26. joanne says:

    Really can’t wait to try this has never used it before

  27. Hiya,
    I would love to try a free sample of vectra for my awesome cat,I’m actually in the process of looking for a new product with the season change upon us.
    Thank you so much for helping all our fury faced friends

  28. I would love to sample this product for my 7yr old cat please. Fleas are getting out of hand and OTC just doesn’t seen to be working for her.

  29. I want to try your product on my dogs. I have 7 dogs I rescued 5 are small 5lbs-12lbs and 1 large 90lbs. I’m trying products for free at tis moment to see which is best so if you could send me free trials it would be appreciated.

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