Try Out Some of My Favorite Winter Recipes

Find out how to make this scrumptious pie in the blog post below…

I am not known for being much of a cook, but when I have time, I do like to try out new recipes.

I am the Primary Contributing Blogger on the blog page. When we recently wrote a post on winter recipes, I decided to share some of my favorite recipes, along with some actual photos of the dishes when I made them. Most of these photos and recipes were never shared on Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy, so this should be new to most of you. :)

To check out some of my favorite winter recipes that are guaranteed to warm you up and satisfy your appetite, check out this brand new blog post:

Warm Up Winter’s Cold Days with Tasty and Convenient Food Recipes for your Family

If you decide to make any of the recipes that I mentioned, make sure to leave me a comment here and let me know how it goes. Or you can take photos of your own dishes and post them on the Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy Facebook page.

Happy eating! 😉

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4 Responses to Try Out Some of My Favorite Winter Recipes

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey J.L.,

    I’m not much of a cook either mainly because it’s never fun to cook for yourself. I would be eating leftovers forever and I had enough of that when I was a kid.

    That Toasted Coconut Custard Pie sure does look good though. I love coconut and apples so if I ever get a wild hair I might actually try them.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • JLLopez1006 says:


      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      Many of these recipes were tried out when I used to have more time. Now I stick primarily with the Crockpot since I work most evenings. If it ever gets to the point that I am cooking for 1 or 2, I may adopt your policy, and I will do so happily. 😉

      I like Coconut Cream Pie, so I liked that recipe. I wish I was more domestic, but alas, I am just not.

      Thanks again for your thoughts.

      Have a good evening.


  2. Erica Bean says:

    I have been so busy lately, I think I have forgotten how to cook! LOL. Thanks for the great ideas we just might try some this weekend!

    • JLLopez1006 says:


      Thanks so much for writing.

      I can definitely hear you on being too busy to really cook. I took these photos at a time when I had more time to cook than I do now that I work evenings. Now I rely heavily on my Crockpot for my meals. 😉

      If you do try out any of these recipes, let us know, and feel free to post a photo on the Facebook page. I’d love to see the end result.

      Thanks again for stopping by!

      Have a good evening.


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