Product Review: Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls Provide Peace for Your Digestive System

Awhile back, I tested out some vitamins for Best Price Nutrition and even held a giveaway (click here to read my previous product reviews for Best Price Nutrition).

Well, I am working with them again to do another product review. Upon my choosing, they sent me a week’s worth of Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls. My family and I have previously discovered the advantages of probiotics, so I was excited to review this particular product.

Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls 90-count size

Although a week is a little short of a time period to try out any pills, particularly probiotics, during the test period I experienced good results. For those not familiar, acidophilus is probably the most common probiotic that you will hear about. It is a “good” bacteria that is commonly found in yogurt or cheese. And probiotics are simply that—“good” bacteria that help fight off the bad.

Here are some reasons that probiotics are helpful in my opinion:

  • They may reduce negative digestive symptoms, like bloating, and may cause you to shed extra weight
  • They build up your body’s own natural “good” bacteria that helps to fight off the “bad” bacteria
  • They can reduce the likelihood of yeast infections in the body
  • They can replace “good” bacteria that may have been stripped by antibiotics used to treat infections
  • They support immune system health
  • They can be useful in treating common digestive ailments, like IBS and colitis
  • They restore balance in the body’s digestive system
  • They may be able to help restore lactose tolerance in those who are currently lactose intolerant
  • They may boost your body’s ability to process food effectively  and to retain nutrients from what you consume

There may other positive effects achieved by using probiotics. I first found out about acidophilus when I was in college and contracted Lyme disease from a tick. Once they figured out what was making me so sick, I had to take 3 straight months of antibiotics in order to kill the disease. Antibiotics kill bacteria in the body, so that means they get the good along with the bad, making way for the possibility of yeast infections. In order to combat this, a family member recommended that I take acidophilus pills and eat plenty of yogurt. Because I did these things, I did not experience any issues during my treatment.

I have a family member that is reliant on probiotics to keep serious digestive issues at bay. One of the tools in their arsenal is acidophilus. If they go off the probiotics for even a day or two, the results are noticeably negative.

Enlarged: Compare the size of a competitor’s 2 billion active cultures acidophilus pill with the cute and compact 1 billion active cultures Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls.

I have experienced very positive results from using probiotics like this one. When I take probiotics, I have less stomach issues, less bloating, and feel healthier overall. I have even lost weight after taking probiotics. However, when I moved cross-country last year and went off of them for a few months due to the busyness, I definitely noticed the difference without them after a month or two.

One thing that I really like about Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls over other probiotics that I have tried is the small pill size. My pre-teen son even noticed it and could not believe how small it was and how much that it did look like a pearl. Plus there is no bad taste or dustiness and the pills go down easily.

If you are looking to the answer to your digestive woes and would like to improve your overall health, I would definitely recommend that you give Enzymatic Therapy Acidophilus Pearls a try. You can purchase them in the 30-count size or save some money by buying them in bulk with the 90-count size.

To find out more about Best Price Nutrition, go to their websiteblogFacebook , Twitter, or YouTube. You can find this product and a full selection of other supplements manufactured with your health in mind at

Disclaimer: Though provided me with the referenced supplement samples to use during this product trial, I was not coerced or directed to make the commentary featured above, and all thoughts are completely my own. Additionally, I was not paid for completing this review.  

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