Put Your Stamp on Organization and Time Efficiency with Stock and Custom Rubber Stamps

Rubber Stamps-- Property of Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy

Here are my two self-inking rubber stamps. (Some information has been blocked out for security purposes)

Life is busy enough without spending unnecessary time on redundant activities. Over the years, one way that I have found to save time and become more organized is by using stock and custom rubber stamps. I have found rubber stamps to be useful in business settings, so eventually I started using them at home as well.

When I sold Avon for awhile, it was cheaper to buy a rubber stamp to put my name and contact information on catalogs than using the labels that I originally utilized. Especially since we would move often, I invested in a large custom self-inking rubber stamp with our return address on it to use for envelopes. Whenever we would move, I could have the stamp die plate changed to reflect our new address, and it was cheaper than continuously buying new address labels. I also have a cute little “Faxed” stamp that I use to notate documents after I fax them. Although I do not have as many stamps in my home office as I used to have in my work office, I am always looking to add to my collection.

Rubber Stamps-- Property of Live Simply, Live Thrifty, Live Savvy

My “Faxed” stamp.

Since so many rubber stamps these days are self-inking, they are easy to use and less messy than the stamps of the past. If you have certain information that you have to write over and over again, a rubber stamp can make the process easier and more efficient. When you send out holiday cards or party invitations, rubber stamps can allow you to communicate the information and/or message that you want to relay with less trouble. You can even purchase festive holiday stamps. I have a friend that makes gorgeous custom handmade greeting cards, and rubber stamps are one of the tools that she utilizes to create these masterpieces that I treasure and keep whenever she sends them. Teachers have been finding stamps to be invaluable tools for many decades.

The great thing about using stamps is that all rubber stamps can be customized to suit your unique needs. As mentioned earlier, I have had the die plate changed on my rubber stamp to reflect new contact information numerous times. This is a cost-friendly and environmentally-friendly option, as I am able to use my stamp over and over again. With rubber stamps, the possibilities are endless and the results will be noticeable when it comes to your time and efficiency. Check out how rubber stamps can simplify your life!

Rubber stamps definitely have my stamp of approval! :)

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