Sizzling 50% Off Summer Sale on Flirty Aprons for 3 Days Only!

I cannot describe how much that I love my KayDee Queen of Everything apron from Flirty Aprons!!!

Okay, I will admit it– in the past, I have been caught laughing at someone who told me that she cleaned her house wearing an apron.

When I had to learn sewing and an apron was one of the first projects that I had to make, upon completion I quickly handed it over to a friend who liked it.

For me, I had always considered aprons to be prissy, antiquated, or synonymous with Stepford Wives. However, that was before I found out about Flirty Aprons.

I started seeing Flirty Aprons around online and I was immediately drawn in.  I was delighted to death when I was finally able to purchase one last year.

I am far from the most domestic, but my Flirty Apron makes household chores, like cooking and cleaning, a little more delightful. If nothing else, it puts me in a better mood and makes me feel less like the unpaid house servant. 😉

The real reason that I got my apron was that I was tired of getting grease and stains on my clothing. After making do with my sons’ miniature aprons from a cooking class and a dollar store Christmas variety, I decided to upgrade.

I love my KayDee Queen of Everything apron. I chose it because I love lime green, black-and-white damask, the feminine shape, and the extra-long length. Sometimes I am tempted to wear it as a dress (just kidding– well, not really, but believe me, I wouldn’t!). 😉

If you would like a Flirty Apron of your own, they are running a special sizzling 50% off summer sale on three of their most popular aprons: Sassy Black, Sugar n’ Spice and Frosted Cupcake.

These aprons go quickly, so this sale is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

This deal is only available at this link: Flirty Aprons Flash Sale, 50% off 3 styles, code FLASH, ends 7/12

These aprons make great gift items, too, so think ahead for upcoming occasions. I purchased one for my mother-in-law recently for her birthday.

Make sure to share this special deal with your family and friends, too.

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