Lead Me Not into Temptation, But Deliver Me from Pinterest…

Um, does anyone else see a problem here? Stand up and BACK away from the computer screen!

I have spoken in the past about my take on the trendsetting website Pinterest. Popularity continues to spike, but after being probably one of the first (if not the first) to express some concern, I am starting to hear online chatter from others who are taking another closer look at the site.

Below please find an article that I contributed to the Debt.com website about why the Pinterest fad may be hazardous to your financial well-being:

Debt.com– Protect Your Pocketbook from Pinterest

My next post may be why Pinterest can be dangerous to your marriage and romantic relationships, as I have seen way too many grown women using the website as the equivalent of my bedroom walls back in the day that were littered with teen heart-throbs. Ladies, please don’t sin when you pin.  I’ll leave that subject there for another time… 😉

Don’t ya kinda get that feeling?

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