Savvy Saving For Your Wedding Day

Many people are either getting married during the summer or in the middle of planning a future wedding.  But before you walk down the aisle, take some time to consider how you are spending your money on your wedding.  It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement and to spend much more than is necessary or is wise.

I am very happy to say that we spent very little on our wedding.  Some of our cost trimming strategies included avoiding a typical ceremony and reception, and instead getting married in a local court in the presence of immediate family and a few close friends with a dinner afterwards.  Instead of hiring a photographer, we went to a photography studio in between the ceremony and dinner, and took photos that were available within an hour.  Our honeymoon was just a state away, and due to busy schedules, we took just a weekend off, stayed at a nice motel, and spent the time seeing the local sights.  My wedding dress consisted of two prom-style dresses, one white and one cream, gathered from the clearance racks of a department store.  They were so reasonably priced that I was able to get two, and have used them for other events in the years following.  Our wedding rings were simple and inexpensive, allowing us to avoid years worth of financing payments.  I designed and printed our own invitations rather than having them professionally printed.

Instead of spending a ton on our wedding and honeymoon, we instead saved our funds for layaway payments on furniture that we would need, and had most things paid off before the wedding day.  We also put money aside for our first apartment, including the necessary security deposit.  Though some of these tactics may be considered harsh and may not be for everyone, there are lots of way to save on your upcoming wedding.

Read below for more info on wise wedding planning on a budget:

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With a little discipline and planning, you can be sure that you are building your marriage on a firm financial foundation.  In the future, you may consider celebrating a special anniversary by having a renewal of vows at a time when your financial stability will allow you to spend more if you should so choose to.  But as someone who spent less and is happy about it, I can assure you that you will not miss spending more, and your wedding day will not suffer for it if you are focused on what is truly important about your big day.

Why spend more? With smart planning, you can spend less, and still have a splendid wedding day.

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