So, What’s For Dinner?

“What’s for dinner?”

"What's For Dinner?" The question just irks me to no end!

It’s the question that makes me simultaneously shudder inside and want to pull out my claws like a cat whenever I hear someone in my household ask it.

In case that you cannot tell, I do not like to cook.  But since cooking has become more of a necessity in order to maintain a budget, I dutifully get it done on a daily basis.

Whether you consider cooking to be a chore like I do or love it, we could all use a little help from time to time with meal planning.

As with anything, a little organization, planning, and forethought can make a project so much easier.  And it is no different with cooking.  Read the blog post below to find out about some totally FREE online resources that can help you keep your family fed in the easiest way possible.

Too Many Things on Your Plate? Make Meal Planning Easy!

My favorite resource is the Campbell’s Kitchen emails, because their recipes are so tasty and practical for families– no fancy-smancy stuff that no one will actually even feel like eating.  And because they are sent to you daily, they are truly no effort to obtain.

How do you keep it all together in regards to cooking and meal planning? Do you enjoy cooking?  Or do you find mealtime to be a drag?  Feel free to leave your comments, tips, and suggestions below on all things mealtime.

How about less time spent in front of the refrigerator deciding what to make? I think we all could live with that!

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