Spring Is The Right Time….Seize the Spring Days!

“God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done.”
~Author Unknown

Spring is a wonderful time to get so many of those things accomplished that you put off during the year for one reason or another.

Spring is a great time to…

  • Do your taxes. The tax deadline this year is April 18th, 2011, so get them done, avoid any late fees, and prevent the stress of having them over your head.
  • Catch up on laundry. Do you have piles of dirty clothes that have been sitting around?  Spring is a perfect time to get caught up.  Summer can make the house kind of toasty, so if you have to run the washer and dryer on continuous, it is better to do it before the outside temps heat up.
  • Clean out your closet/ drawers. Transitions between seasons are a great time to go through your clothes, and weed out pieces that no longer fit, are damaged, or that you simply no longer wear.  If you have kids, you need to complete this process a few times a year.  Try selling clothes that you don’t need any more on EBay, Craig’s List,  at a local consignment shop, or a kids used clothing website like Kidzola or ThredUp.  Put out-of-season clothes into plastic containers to be stored until they are needed again.

Spring is the perfect time to clean out your life and sell any items that may be cluttering it.

  • Gather slow cooker recipes and learn how to use a Crockpot. Not many of us feel like staying inside to cook when the weather is warm and the great outdoors is calling our name.  Avoid heating up the house and wasting any precious moments of daylight by using a Crockpot to make your meals.  They are great for winter to make steaming soups to warm us up, but they are also a blessing for the warmer seasons, because they make cooking easy and help to prevent the kitchen from heating up as turning on the oven and stove top can do.
  • Clean out your basement and garage. Spring is a great time to clean out those “hidden” areas in our house that we use to collect junk and keep it out of sight.  Since both the garage and basement may not be climate controlled as well as other parts of the house, cleaning up during the spring ensures that the temperature is not too hot and not too cold to get some serious work done.
  • Take the screens off the windows and hose them off outside. Get rid of seasons’ worth of grime and dust, and allow the sunshine to grace your house even more through clean windows.
  • Gather items that you no longer need for a garage sale. As you are going through your closet, dressers, garage, and basement, make a pile of items that you no longer need.  Decide whether you want to donate the items, give them to someone you know that can use them, or sell them on EBay, Craig’s List, in the newspaper, or a garage sale.  Do the prep work ahead of time to ensure a smooth sale.

This haiku is a perfect measure to use when going through your possessions. If we are able to be a little more judgmental and a little less accepting of our clutter, we would actually get something done when we clean and purge!

  • Post an ad for larger warm weather items that you no longer want. Not planning on using that boat, motorcycle, camper, or bicycle this year?  Then get it prepared to look sale-ready and post an ad early.  Deciding you want to sell an item like that in the middle of the summer could mean that you have less bites and have to sell it cheaper, if at all.
  • Sell in season. Right now is probably not a good time to try to sell the snow blower you no longer need.  Buyers can be short-sighted, and therefore are more likely to buy things that they can use in the immediate future (i.e, the next few months).  Save the snow blower for late fall/ early winter, and instead focus on selling warm weather clothes, outdoor items, and sporting goods.
  • Wash the car. Take the sunny days and warmer weather as an opportunity to clean a winter’s worth of grime off of your car.  Don’t forget to clean out the inside as well by getting rid of garbage and clutter, vacuuming the carpet, dusting, and cleaning the windows.
  • Move and relocate. Spring can be a good time to move if you have the choice.  Avoid the summer moving rush by taking advantage of lower rental rates that may go up during summer.  Avoid moving during the sweaty dog days that can easily tucker you out, and the transition will be much smoother.
  • Start that new exercise routine. Have you been wanting to lose weight and get in shape?  Start it now.  Even the greatest heat-lover may find it difficult to get outside for a run in 90-degree temperatures or accomplish an aerobic class when you are sweating even before you start, so start now to get yourself into the habit.  An added plus is that you will look great by the time that shorts and bathing suits are in seasonal-style.  And since warm weather makes some people less hungry than during cold weather with its comfort food and sweet craving temptations, you may do better on that diet that you have been wanting to try out.
  • Accomplish those long-term projects that you want done by fall. Don’t wait until later in the season to get those items checked off your To Do list. You may think you will have so much time during the summer, but summers go by quickly, especially with constant temptations that test your productivity, like going on vacation, yet another social event, or a trip to the ice cream shop.

Spring is an excellent time to take advantage of your new-found energy, longer days, and comfortable temperate weather.  Accomplishing things early in the season can ensure that you can enjoy the warmer weather and time off to the fullest without having a never-ending To Do list hanging over your head.

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