Want to Grow Your Community? Tips from 28 Solo Business Owners (Including Me!)

One Woman Shop Tips

Get helpful tips from those who know (like me!). ;)

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur struggling to build your following? Cultivating a devoted community is vital if you are to experience success in your business. You want to network with others and not just sell, but build relationships.

I was recently featured in a very helpful guide designed to help business owners foster their own communities. You will find my favorite tip, along with 27 others from people who actually build their following on a daily basis:

One Woman Shop– How to Grow Your Community: Tips from 28 Solo Business Owners

What tips do you have for building an offline or online community? What has worked for you in the past?

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Have a Job Offer? How to Determine if the Employer’s Worth Working for

Woman Thinking Deciding Yes or No

Don’t just say ‘yes’ to that offer. You may want to vet the employer first…

Few things are as exciting and gratifying as applying, interviewing, and being accepted for a job that you want.

Unfortunately, your excitement could be short-lived if you accept the offer of employment and later realize you made a big mistake.

In order to avoid such errors, job seekers should vet potential employers prior to agreeing to work for them.

A few month’s back on my client’s blog, I shared 5 signs to be on the lookout for that indicate the potential for a happy and healthy work environment:

DiscoverCorrections.com– Taking a Potential Employer’s Pulse: 5 Signs of Healthy Organizational Culture 

A little research now can save you a world of heartache and stress later.

How do you evaluate if an employer is worth working for? Have you ever worked in a toxic work environment? (no names, please)

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